PANZERI - MODERN (Dizayn-Teknik)

Firefly In The Sky

Table lighting fixture for indoor or outdoor spaces, with direct light emission. Die-cast aluminium bearing base in polyacrylic paint. Body in brass and aluminium in white, champagne, mat black, bronze or titanium polyacrylic paint. Removable head with magnetic fastening, in die-cast aluminium with polyacrylic paint. Silicone gaskets. Modelled acrylic diffuser with mat finish and serigraphy. Stainless steel screws. Push-button to adjust luminosity according to 5 levels of visual comfort. Battery status indicator integrated into the head. Equipped with Li-Po battery USB-C rechargeable, with up to 6 hours life at 100% of light emission and up to 24 hours life at 25%. Equipped with battery charger with USB-C connector and adapter plug.

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